SMS Marketing for Real Estate Industry

Real estate is considered one of the most progressive and competitive industries globally in today’s rapidly growing business ecosystems. Real estate agents constantly compete to attract more buyers and sell more properties because they work on commission. This means they must rely on different business strategies to market their business and reach out to potential clients. Traditional marketing solutions have evolved, and billboards, emails, and signs are no longer effective enough in a crowded marketplace.
SMS marketing is among the newer marketing solutions, same as social media and websites. SMS marketing allows real estate agents to attract tech-savvy customers quickly and effectively. This marketing technique could help agents turn every lead into a potential sale.

How SMS for real estate marketing works

Real estate SMS marketing is very similar to any kind of SMS marketing. SMS is used in real estate marketing to alert interested buyers of newly available properties, send campaigns, news, promotions, updates, and nurture customer relations, answer questions or concerns, and follow up on leads. Due to limited characters, SMS is considered a straightforward and to-the-point form of marketing that relays messages in the shortest way possible. This ensures that clients receive the gist of the message, which makes them more prone to respond.
Another excellent quality of SMS marketing is that it allows real estate agents to send hundreds or thousands of messages to their client list with just a click. This can help agents save time and energy while reaching out to a large community. It also helps them increase their chances of receiving a response from interested clients.
Agents can use SMS to announce new properties for sale, open houses, or even special deals. There are real estate SMS templates available for agents to use. They could also use them to send out more specific details about properties.

Why should you use SMS marketing campaigns for real estate advertising

The rapid growth of the internet and social media has made people impatient. People are now accustomed to easily accessing any data at any time of day, which is why many prefer to stay updated. Statistics show that almost everyone can receive texts nowadays, and 90% of all texts are read within the first five minutes of their delivery. SMS marketing is also one of the most affordable options available in marketing. On the other hand, the real estate business is known as a slowly progressing industry because it usually takes time and patience to find the perfect property. SMS marketing has revolutionized the real estate industry by allowing realtors to stay connected with their target audience. Here are some of the best uses for SMS marketing campaigns.

Share Opt-In marketings

One of the benefits of SMS marketing is following up with old customers. Opt-in marketing is a form of permission-based marketing in which the real estate agents offer a follow-up service to their customers for further communication, data exchange, and updates. Some customers who work with real estate agents prefer to receive updates from the market for future transactions.

Share Property Information

Some information such as location, price range, and services of a property is crucial in the real estate business. Prosperous buyers select their desired property based on this with the help of realtors. Real estate agents can share this information with their clients via SMS to help them find their desired property quicker.

Share Links of Property Display

Visiting properties is often very demanding in terms of time. Therefore, it is not always easy for working clients to find the time to visit potential locations before finding the right property. SMS marketing allows real estate agents to share links to property displays with their clients to speed up the selection process.

Create Follow Up for Leads

Keeping clients engaged is a challenge in the real estate business; clients can get cold feet quickly if they can’t find a suitable property. Real estate agents can use SMS to present some of their clients with new options for their consideration. Realtors no longer need to bother their potential clients at work hours for a new property suggestion by using text messaging.

Remind About Appointments

Remembering property meetings, especially for clients with multiple property meetings, could be problematic. Sometimes property dealings get canceled because this issue is not ideal for real estate agents who work on commission. Real estate agents can avoid this situation by using SMS as a reminder for scheduled meetings.

Reach Out to Cold Leads

It is common in the real estate business that some enthusiastic clients become silent at once and stop pursuing potential properties. Real estate agents can use SMS advertising to help them find their passion for a new property again. Realtors can ask these clients for their opinions and requirements and send them updates to keep them engaged and interested.

Inform about Property Status

Lastly, some properties are highly anticipated, making them a hot target for potential clients. SMS advertising allows real estate agents to inform their clients about the status of an anticipated property. This way, interested clients can become aware of the availability of a property for lease or purchase and even get informed if their desired property is now off the market.