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Buyers use search engines like Google to buy a certain product in 91% of cases. In addition to that, 75% of people never scroll past the first page of results, andso it’s clear that good SEO is essential for online visibility. We are a dynamic and multi national digital marketing agency based in UAE. Mygearbox team have been working on various large-scale and complex projects, always meeting clients’ expectations. The SEO Elites of Mygearbox have over 10 years of world-class experience driving proven results.


Why Mygearbox?

Experience and Customer Care

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in application and website development in international and local businesses. Many of the team members are entrepreneurs themselves and can understand business requirements very well.

Latest Trends and Knowledge

It is not just about experience that we take pride in. Top of the edge knowledge is our next competitive advantage. Mygearbox elites have been graduated from the best business schools. On top of that, our team keep up with the latest social media marketing techniques and tools.

Value For The Money

Rarely can you find the highest quality marketing services with economical prices.  Not only can you rely on result-oriented services, but also you would pay competitively. 

Trends for SEO in 2022

Multimodal & Multilingual Search

Google is rapidly developing MUM, KELM and LaMDA. Each SEO should ponder the interconnectedness of different media, entity-based content modeling, and data interoperability.

Visual search will become more common

Google Lens is becoming an increasingly important customer acquisition method, particularly for e-commerce websites. Improving the amount and quality of photographs has a significant impact on visibility and traffic.

More focus on User Intent

Searching and browsing on the internet, people increasingly are demanding a very specific answer to their specific issue, question, or problem.

Topical E-A-T

Within specialised topical areas, trust and authority will continue to grow in importance. E-A-T and Speed will remain to be big factors in Google Discover traffic.

Mygearbox SEO Process

For businesses of all types and sizes, our elites know how to plan and implement efficient  SEO strategies in a creative and world-class way. The steps are as bellow:


Website Auditing

First of all, we scan your website to analyze whether it meets the SEO best practices or not. It helps the detection of technical, website structure, on-page, off-page, UX/UI and speed, or other issues.


Keyword Research

The next step is researching and identifying the right and on demand keywords of your your industry, product or services. These focus keywords will be used across your website to help you rank in top results.


Analysing Competitors

We will analyze and detect the competitors' website to monitor their keyword strategy, backlink analysis, internal link structure, rankings, traffic, and other key metrics that can be used to improve your rank.


Content Strategy

Our team will plan customized content strategy plan and create unique content that will engage the customers and lead your pages to rank 1st on SERP.


On Page SEO

 In this step, Mygearbox's SEO elites would work on title tags, on-page meta description, tags, internal linking, image SEO, etc.


Off-Page SEO

Our experts will plan the precise and comprehensive backlink strategy for your website by up-to-dated and unique techniques. High-quality and relevant backlinks will improve your rankings.

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