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Let’s be clear, this is the most effective way of advertising. The highest conversion rate compares to almost all digital marketing solutions. It protects you from wasting your budget on people without the intention of buying.

Google Ads enables businesses to target their desired audience instead of wasting money on leads that do not get any results and you can spend your budget on the highest valued customers.

Billions of searches every day mean almost all of your target market is searching and you can target all of them right when they are making the final decision every day.

One of the best characteristics of Google Ads is your full control over your daily budget. You can easily manage your spending anytime during your campaigns in mere seconds. Also, increase the scale on demand!

The sophisticated tools and dashboards of google ads and AdWords in general, enable businesses to track user data and ad effectiveness, therefore it results in much better optimization.

It is very easy to start using Google Ads and AdWords, without any major requirements.

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Consulting: our consultants help provide the best marketing advice and strategy for you which are based on the field of your work and your site’s capability so that you receive the best results considering the budget and time you are spending.

Choosing package: you can choose your desired package among the introduced packages by Google ads experts after the consulting stage.  

Creating campaign: in this stage, your desired campaign will be made by our team considering your intended budget for up to 48 hours and will be informed to the client after getting approved by Google.

Optimization: After creating the campaign, its instant reports will be examined by our team regularly, and if there was any optimization were needed, including budget changes, changes in timing or adding and subtracting keywords and etc…, we would apply them.

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