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We believe our clients can reach their full potential only if they present it with a proper visual appearance. You can rely on us to stand out and transfer an adequate message to the right customers.


Why mygearbox?

Experience and Customer Care​

Mygearbox's killer staff of designers and illustrators has more than 20 years of experience in corporate design in international and local businesses. Many of the team members are entrepreneurs themselves and can understand business requirements very well.

Latest Trends and Knowledge​

It is not just about experience that we take pride in. Top of the edge knowledge is our next competitive advantage. On top of that, our team keep uptodated with the latest designing trends and techniques.

Value For The Money

Rarely can you find the highest quality corporate design with our prices.  Not only can you rely on recognizable, creative and up-to-date designs but also you would pay competitively. 

UI/UX Design Trends in 2022

Virtual & Augmented Reality

The revolutionary transition toward virtual and augmented reality has accelerated as a result of Covid quarantines and Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse's timely launch. In the end, UX design trends in 2022 will see the creation of more immersive, personalised, and distinct alternative playgrounds.

Gaming Experiences

The gaming business is one of Hollywood's largest competitors, so it's no wonder that gaming behaviour is showing up in UX/UI design. In 2022, brands will include micro interactions and playful content into their websites to make users feel a part of the action.

Interactions with advanced cursors

A cursor is an important web design tool that connects users with the user interface (UI). It's something that every visitor will certainly engage with in order to browse and take action on a website. In 2022, UX trends will consider them as sophisticated design elements that will play an even bigger part in offering a smart UX.

Customized Experiences

Companies are gathering more information about their clients, including demographics, behavioural data and other factors. Designers are adjusting to the demands of users and attempting to connect on a deeper level that respects the user while evoking an emotive reaction.

Mygearbox UI Design Process

For businesses of all types and sizes, our elites know how to do the customized UI/UX in a creative and world-class way. We make things that are extremely addictive. With a focus on attractiveness and user experience. The steps are as bellow:


Competitor Analysis

To examine the design of related products. It is critical to do research in order to gain a better understanding of what users are likely to expect.



It's not just about being creative when it comes to UI design services. It's all about the method. Color schemes, typefaces, and cons must all be motivated, and we know how to do so.


Design Concept

It is necessary to have an agreement on how the final visual design will look and feel. Then 1-2 app screens from the key user flow that have been visualised will be designed.



The goal is to see how the interface works without being distracted by colours and prettycisms. Just a skeleton to ensure that UX is at its best.


Clickable prototypes in black & white

To get initial feedback or perform UX interviews, you'll need this.


Final Delivery

In this step the Visual Design will be performed. In this step, colors, typefaces, animations, logos, and the brand's distinctive style are used to 'dress up' the product and make it stand out. It establishes the tone of voice with which a product communicates with a user.

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